Modular Operator Plate Carrier GEN II - Scorpion OCP

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  • Fits M-XXL
  • Accepts: 10x12" plates to Large ESAPI plates (10.25x13.25) front and back
  • Accepts 6x6" or 6x8" side plates 
  • Can be worn with or without a cummerbund
  • NTOA Recommended
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The Modular Operator Plate Carrier (MOPC) is designed with heavy webbing on all sides for any MOLLE compatible gear and accessories. The MOPC also features an internal cummerbund and padded shoulders support and comfort. This is our most popular plate carrier. Selected Armor comes in a set (front and back).

The MOPC will allow you to use both MOPC Inserts (level II or level IIIa) and/or Rifle Plates.

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, an NIJ-approved independent test facility, tests our plates.  Here are the results:  Test Results

The inserts cover a much larger area inside the plate carrier, are flexible, and provide additional protection against trauma and pistol rounds that don't hit the plate.  You can wear the MOPC with just the plates or just the inserts, or you can wear both the inserts and the plates for maximum protection.

Choose Level IIIa, Level III, or Both!

Pistol Level IIIa Stops: .44 Magnum, 9mm FMJ, 7.62x25, 5.7x28, .50AE and other specialty pistol rounds and provide up to 40% blunt trauma reduction when worn in conjunction with a rifle plate.  Knife resistant to both stabs and slices. Besides being light (under 1 lbs), these inserts are soft and comfortable and just over 1/4" thick. They are made of Kevlar KM2 and Goldflex II for really good stopping power for fragments and point-blank shots and are thinner and lighter than standard Kevlar. 

Rifle Level III+ (Set) AR550 Stops:  5.56 (M855, M193); 7.62x39 (Ball), 7.62x54R (LPS), 7.62x51 (Ball); 30-06 (JHP, FMJ); .357 mag; .45 cal; 50 cal Beowulf; 9mm; 12 Gauge Shotgun slugs, and more.  All of these rounds were fired from semi-auto AR-15s, AK-47s, MAK-90s, bolt action Rifles, Glocks, Revolvers, and pump shotguns.  This is a level III+ plate as tested by OBL, a certified NIJ Laboratory. Complies with MIL-46100 Rev E. for class 1 armor and passed the test against a 30 Caliber Armor Piercing bullet at 2426 fps as tested at the US Army Aberdeen Test Center.  Weight for 10x12 multi-curve with 1/4" polyurea anti-frag coating is 9lbs.

Rifle Side plates sets are available in Level III AR550 = 3lbs each

AR550 is 10% stronger/harder than AR500 Steel, based on the Brinell Hardness ratings.  All of our armor is tested to stop the threats listed above. NIJ Rating of level III is only rated to stop a .308; however, our armor will stop additional threats like the green-tipped AR15 rounds.  

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