Level IIIa SPEAR/BALCS Soft Armor (Large US Mil-Spec) (2-3 weeks)

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Now you can take full advantage of your Mil-Spec plate carrier by adding full soft armor inside, commonly known as BALCS or SPEAR armor.  

The US military has been using SPEAR/BALCS (Ballistic Armor Load Carrying System) for many years due to it's light weight, flexibility, and high coverage area.

You can wear the Level IIIa BALCS armor in conjunction with the Level III or Level IV rifle plates at the same time.  Or just go with the light weight BALCS armor and rest assured that the soft armor will stop pistol rounds up to the 44 Magnum (and most everything else).

As tested by  S.M.S Testing Laboratory, it is NIJ 101.06 compliant, stopping six rounds from a .44Mag 240gr JHP at an average velocity of 1439fps and achieving a V50 rating at 1615fps.  Materials and manufacture are all USA.

This order includes both the front and back BALCS Armor. 

*This item is designed to be worn only with Mil-Spec carriers.  Carriers like Condor Defender and Black Hawk will NOT work with this insert.  No returns.

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