Level III+ 10x12" 1 plate multi curve (In Stock)

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AR550 is 10% stronger/harder than AR500 Steel, based on the Brinell Hardness ratings.  All of our armor is tested to stop the threats listed above. NIJ Rating of level III is only rated to stop a .308; however, our armor will stop additional threats like the green-tipped AR15 rounds.  

"Full coating build-up" Since day 1, back in 2012, we've always sold our plates with a 1/4" build-up of polyurea coating.  Anything less results in shrapnel that could be deadly.  We only sell the best.  

In stock

When the SHTF, this is the armor you want to be wearing.  Durable, and capable of stopping all common North American rifle, shotgun, and pistol rounds.  Plus, we've tested our armor with semi-armor piercing ammunition, and it barely dented it!  

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, an NIJ-approved independent test facility, tests our plates.  Here are the results:  Test Results


Stops:  5.56, .223, 7.62, 30-06, .357 mag, .45 cal, 9mm, 12 Gauge Shogun slugs, and more.  All of these rounds were fired from semi-auto AR-15s, AK-47s, MAK-90s, bolt action Rifles, Glocks, Revolvers, and pump shotguns.  This is a level III+ plate tested by a leading NIJ Laboratory, Oregon Ballistic Laboratory. Complies with MIL-46100 Rev E. for class 1 armor and passed the test against a 30 Caliber Armor Piercing bullet at 2426 fps as tested at the US Army Aberdeen Test Center.

These 10x12"  plates are formed from 1/4" Abrasion Resistant Brinell Hardness 550 steel (AR550), the same variety used by the military in armored vehicles.  We laser cut each piece and add a 20 degree bend that conforms to the human torso.  After preparing the metal, we add a special  1/4" polymer  coating that serves to trap bullet fragments.

The standard 10x12 size fits most plate carriers.  We, of course, recommend purchasing a carrier from us; but, if you already own a carrier, these plates will likely fit.

Each steel plate weighs 7.5 lb and the anti-spall coating adds an additional 1.5 lb. These are a little heavier than ceramic or SAPI plates, but MUCH more durable.

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