What's the difference between the Viper and the Defender?

  • There are several differences.  The primary difference is that the Defender is cut much larger than the Viper.  The defender will also accept soft BALC armor (the type with scalloped wings), while the Viper will not. 

    Is it legal to own body armor?

  • Yes! As long as you are a US Citizen living in the country and a NON-FELON you can own body armor. More Details can be found here in our Terms of Use.

    Do you test your body armor?

  • Yes! Our armor has been tested by an independent laboratory as well as by independent companies and youtubers! Test videos and descriptions on calibers and rounds used can be found here: Video Proof  and Click here to view our test results from HP White, the leading NIJ Laboratory in the US.

    What does "Infidel" mean anyway?

  •  Over in the Middle East, our soldiers are called Infidels every day.   The Koran says that Christians are infidels:  Koran 5:17, “Infidels are those who declare God is the Christ, son of Mary.”  Infidels are also non-believers. So, we welcome all and, whether you believe in Christ or you don't, you can consider yourself an Infidel!  

    What about Maintenance?

  • Does your body armor require any special maintenance like Ceramic Plates or Kevlar? NO!  Our plates will withstand years of abuse! General use and training will not affect their integrity.  Simply wipe with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before reinserting into the carrier.

    Will the plate carrier fit me?

  • Plate carriers range from size M-XXL.  They are quite adjustable and will fit most body types.  Please refer to our   What about kids?  Check out these user pics.

    Can I still shoulder my rifle properly? 

  • Yes! While wearing body armor you want to find the sweet spot between coverage and mobility. We designed our Body Armor to maximize both of these attributes. Our Plates conform to military standards, allowing the operator to properly shoulder their rifle while providing maximum coverage. 

     Is your Body Armor Heavy?

  • Each 10x12 steel plate weighs 7.5 lbs. and the anti-spall coating adds an additional 1.5 lbs. These are a little heavier than some ceramic or SAPI plates, but MUCH more durable.  We find they carry and balance well. We always recommend a quality plate carrier as it’s the backbone of your system. There are lighter-weight options available however most of them are not multi-hit capable and stand-alone, along with costing many times the price of our Body Armor. Things to consider!

     How much is shipping?

  • Shipping varies depending on the weight of the items ordered.  Add your items to the cart to view the estimated shipping price.

     How fast do you ship?

  • We ship UPS Ground and USPS.  If you have a preference, please indicate in the comments at checkout. 

  • We ship nearly everything from Queen Creek, Arizona.  Check your email for updates and tracking info. 

  • Current ship times are next business day.  That's right, we keep enough in stock to ship ASAP (not months like the other guys).

    What about returns?

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of purchase, in new condition and we will refund your money, less actual shipping charges.  IF we messed up, we'll eat the shipping charges both ways.  

  • Exchanges are even easier.  Just return your purchase at your expense and we'll ship to you at our expense. 

    What is the Armor Rating, Standalone, and Multi-Hit capability?

  • Our plates are rated at the caliber testing of Levels, III, III+, and IV are stand-alone and multi-hit capable.  Click HERE to view the NIJ standards.

    • It is extremely important to remember that nothing is “Bulletproof”, there are many variables at play that determine a given type of armors effectiveness versus a threat. It is equally important to understand that even if body armor neutralizes the threat; preventing injury or worse cannot be guaranteed.

           What is Infidel Armor and why is it effective?

  • Infidel Armor starts with a hardened steel called AR550, which is a general name for Abrasive Resistant steel and the 550 refers to its brinell hardness rating. We use a variation of AR550 that is Ballistic rated and specially formulated and designed and tested for Armor Applications. It is designed to withstand hard impact and abrasion. Because of these attributes our Body Armor is very hard, so hard that it can shatter some bullets on impact. 

  • Infidel Body Armor is then coated in a special polymer that captures all of those bullet fragments, minimizing injury to the wearer and those around him/her.  

  • It's important to remember than nothing is "bulletproof".

    Will the vest fit me?

  • All of the vests we offer are adjustable one-size-fits-most type.  Click here to view the sizing chart.  

    Payment types?

  • We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover or you can pay via check/money order.  We now accept BitCoin.

    Who makes the Carriers?

  • Viper and Defender Carriers are manufactured by Condor Outdoor and are sold under various names.  The Bellator Carrier is manufactured by Beez Combat Systems in Utah.

Training? For training on the use of firearms and armor in a combat role, you'll need to search out qualified instructors not commonly found at your local gun range.  You'll want to find teachers that have been in Special Operations, like Green Berets, Rangers, SEALS, etc.  



Who uses your plates?

  • Police departments, Airport Police, jails, and state groups like the Texas Alcoholic and Beverage Commission use our plates in high-threat situations.  

  • Military contractors working in Afghanistan and other high-threat areas.

  • Law-abiding US citizens

    • Civilian militias

    • 2nd amendment groups

    • Bounty hunters

    • Firearms instructors

    • Store owners (jewelry stores)

    • Security Guards

    • Armored Vehicle Companies

    • ATM/Cash Service Companies

    • Lots more... 

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