Steel vs. Ceramic

Ceramic is generally lighter than steel, but this is not always true; I have seen ceramic plates weigh over 9lb.  Ceramic is molded and is easily formed into very ergonomic shapes, but this is not always true; some are just plain flat. Most Level III Ceramic plates are designed to take 6 hits; our level III+ and level IV ceramics are multi-hit plates.  We've shot the Level IV 17 times with a .308 without a failure.  Ceramic  usually costs much more than steel, but it might be worth it depending on if you value weight savings over money.  Ceramic is designed to break.  Small tiles in some ceramic plates explode when impacted by bullets, but a second hit in the same spot is deadly.  All of the ceramic we sell are monolithic, meaning they are a single large piece of formed ceramic; these perform much better than the tile-style plates.  Be sure to ask before you buy.  Most tile-plates are made in china (BAD).

Looking for ar500 or ar550 steel for sale? Our steel AR550 plates have an instant edge over ceramic plates as far as durability goes– they are coated with a special anti-spall/shrapnel coating which results in minimum spalling and also reduces bullet fragmentation. Plus, they are more comfortable than flat plates since they are made with a 20 degree bend to fit most torsos. Take a look at the ar550 steel for sale on our website now. Click HERE

(This Chinese Level IV ceramic plate was hit with only 4 FMJ .308 rounds.  The 3rd round penetrated.)  Do not buy any plates from China regardless of what the test spec says.  We have tested a dozen chinese plates and 100% of them have failed.


Steel plates are generally heavier than ceramic, but this is not always true, ours weighs ~7.5lbs (plus 1.5lb for the coating).  Our hardened AR550 steel is cold rolled, laser cut, and then bent to a 20 degree bend that fits most torsos.  Infidel Body Armor can take more than 100 hits from common military rounds.  Our steel armor is very economical and made in the USA.  Our ceramic plates are also made in the USA. 

The downfall of most steel body armor is that when a bullet strikes it, the bullet fragments.  This causes hundreds of projectiles to explode though the air, possibly injuring the wearer and those around him.  HOWEVER, Infidel Body Armor is coated with an Anti-Spall Coating that minimizes spalling and bullet fragmentation.  Check out the slow motion video here for proof.