Side plate tips

Side plates add extra weight to the sides and can often cause the cumberbun to sag in the back.  This is a common issue with ALL plate carriers.  Here's a handy solution that might work for you (it works for us).

Get some paracord/550 cord or any cordage you may have laying around.  After you get your cumberbun how you want it, rig a few loops around the MOLLE webbing and secure it there.  You don't want to over-due it.  It needs to sag a little so that the elastic can still stretch a little when you bend over or take a deep breath!  This setup has worked great for us even when not running side plates.  It also helps if you have a lot of gear on your cumberbun.  We melt the ends of our paracord with a lighter. 

This is the back of a Viper Modular Plate Carrier.