OEM Glock .40 Cal 15rnd Magazine

Cost $44.99

OEM Glock .40 Cal 15rnd Magazine


Factory Glock .40 Cal Magazines Gen 4.  15 round capacity.  Each are drop free, metal lined, brand new and IN STOCK!!

  • Please note:
  • Gen 4 magazines must be used in Gen 4 guns only if the magazine release is switched from the left side to the right side (for left-handed shooters). In any other case all previous generation magazines will fit the Gen 4 and all Gen 4 magazines will fit all Glocks from previous generations.  In other words... if you have a Glock 40 caliber, it will work!
  • This item is not available for export outside of the United States, American Territories, or Possessions and Protectorates.   Know your local laws before ordering.


State/Locality Capacity Limit
Cook County, Illinois 10 rounds
California 10 rounds
Hawaii 10 rounds
Massachusetts 10 rounds
New York 10 rounds
District of Columbia 10 rounds
New Jersey 15 rounds
Maryland 20 rounds