Helmet Side Rails (Set)

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Helmet Side Rails (Set)

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These are designed for the MICH and ACH Helmets and DO NOT require a bolt or drill to attach.  They are designed to be applied with a hook and loop application (super strong) or an epoxy (not supplied).  This is the same MIL-SPEC rail that Armor Source provides to the FBI, DHS, and other government organizations.  This is NOT an AirSoft quality side rail.


Customer Reviews:

by William H.
Date Added: 03/01/2016
I have used the OPs Core ARC rails and they are great if you have the exact helmet that they fit to. What Armour Source did with these boltless velcro rails is basiclly make it so almost any helmet can have side rails attatched without the worry if tje bolts will line up with the rails to instsall them correctly. Its such a simple fix but its also ingenious at the same time. I now have a few sets of these that i never could have used the ARC rails on. My PT Bravo bump helmet now has a set of side rails from Armour Source that fit perfectly. They are built extremely well with high quality materials and are just as good or even better made then the Ops Core ARC ones!

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