Defender Set up

The Defender Plate Carrier is like onions- they have layers.  Here's how to insert your Level III or Level IV Rifle plates.

1) open cumberbun by lifting 3 velcro tabs at the bottom and remove one side (or both) of cumberbun from the velcro.

2) Open it up so you can see the inside.

3) Unvelcro the mesh from the bottom

4) lift up the padding.  *Note if you have the BALCS Armor it will go in place of the padding (or behind it).

5) Lifting the padding will expose the plate pocket.  Open the velcro cover, insert your ESAPI, SAPI, or Interceptor Ceramic armor plate or Level 3 AR500 Steel Plate, and secure it with the retaining strap.

6) Reverse the process to close up your Defender.