3-day Assault Backpack Kit

Cost Starting at: $84.99

3-day Assault Backpack Kit

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Gun Cleaning Kit


Let us build you a fully customizable three day assault kit.  Designed by Army and Marine Special Forces Operators, our kit has nearly everything you would need to fight as a light fighter infantryman (minus grenades and a few other items).  The kit and the items available are all designed to work together.  We've researched and tested all the gear and we'll assemble the kit for you (saving min 2 hours).  If you added up all the time and money if purchased and assembled individually, we think you'll recognize the immediate value of savings in purchasing from us.  Plus, everything comes with the Infidel lifetime warranty.  Because we build this to order, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

We start with a 3-Day Assault Pack and give you choices to build a custom kit.  Each item in the kit has been tested and approved for use by a military veteran - some items have a more expensive choice and a more economical choice (both are good choices).

  • All MOLLE attachments come in Multicam Except the Recon Gun Cleaning Kit and the Tactical IFAK- and those are Tan.