Level IV 6x8" Side Plates (set) In Stock!

Cost $344.99

Level IV 6x8" Side Plates (set) In Stock!


At long last, we've created a level IV plate that is multi-hit capable.  These are sold in pairs (you get two pieces of armor).

The 6x8" plates will fit all of the carriers we sell!  (the Bellator requires separate side plate utility pouches though)

Level IV Stops: 5.56 (M193, M855, SS109); 7.62x39 (Ball,Steel Core/API), 7.62x51 (Ball), 7.62x54R (L/LPS/B-32API), 7.62 x 63 (JSP/AP M2) plus all pistol rounds and lesser rifle rounds.  All fired from M-1, SVD Dragunov, FN FAL, AK-47, AR-15.  This plate is multi-hit rated.

Our level IV plates are NIJ Certified and we are listed on the NIJ Compliant Armor list.


Weight is 3 lbs per 6x8" plate.

Alumina Ceramic Composite with a proprietary backing all covered with 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric.

100% Made in the USA