Take a look at our premium survival armor collection for civilians, contractors and the police force. Whether you want to buy tactical level 3a body armor or are searching for level 3 or level 4body armor, we at Infidel Body Armor offer the best in coverage durability, comfort and design. Our lightweight and flexible body armor collection adds great defense against pistols and fragmentation, while our front and back level III and IV rifle plates are capable of providing protection against all common shotgun, pistol, and most rifle rounds. Level IV armor will stop armor piercing (AP) ammunition! We also stock helmets, soft armor and single plate protection gear for civilians as well as police, security agencies, and private military contractors. Buy body armor today at our online store where we have the best civilian body armor at the lowest rates.

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Trauma Pad

Trauma Pad

Helps absorb and effectively disperse the energy from a bullet impact. Fits the concealable carrier. Available in 5"x8" or 8"x10". Price is per panel.


Custom Level IIIA Armor

Custom Level IIIA Armor

Have a unique pattern you want us to make?  We can cut and finish level IIIa soft armor for your unique application. Perhaps you bought a carrier like the British Osprey MKIII Carrier and you want the actual IIIa inserts for it. Or maybe you have a backpack and want an armor panel that...

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Level IIIA 10x12 Trauma Max (Set of two)
Level IIIA 10x12 Trauma Max (Set of two)
$319.99  $305.00
Save: $14.99